Secure Database Applications for on the Web, online, anywhere, customised

Business Tools

Customised Database

Big or small programs, the programming is only limited by your imagination. Customised Web application software development is often the best way to solve your database business needs. Unique situations demand the skills of a programmer who is flexible and understands well designed database systems.

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Reporting Solutions

Sales reports, time based reports - compare year to year, quarter to quarter. Report on user statistics. With a PHP MySQL Database content management system you can collect data over time and devise just about any report, e.g. location reports. Interact on a deeper level with your customers or database members. Report on uploads/downloads.

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Data Entry, Forms

up to date content

Interactive online contact forms, create internal search engines, customised blog for your site, e-commerce website or online catalogue website, forums and chat, client management, opinion poll or survey, password / username protection, guest book application, membership style websites or in office membership systems.

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Services, Products, Clients

Manage your Data

Need a multi-level login system with a strong database behind it? Are you still using Excel spreadsheets and or an Access database, data all over the place? Start a new phase in your business with a well planned online database seeing you well into the future and manage your services, products, clients, customers, allowing different membership privileges.

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Linux Apache MySQL PHP

The 'M' in LAMP being for MySQL plays the role of the relational database management system. MySQL is a multithreaded, multi-user, SQL database management system. MySQL is maintained by ORACLE Corporation. At 2011 ORACLE Corporation was the second largest software maker by revenue after Microsoft.


Being the most popular database for web based projects there are plenty of third party free applications such as WordPress that can be run on a LAMP stack environment with MySQL. Facebook uses MySQL as their core database. LinkedIn uses the MySQL relational database system. Twitter uses MySQL as well as other databases systems, to mention a few big names relying on the MySQL database management system.


The 'P' in LAMP standing for PHP the programming language that integrates very nicely with MySQL now has a database access abstraction interface call PDO - PHP Database Objects. This means you don't have to use MySQL and could in fact interchange with including: CUBRID, MS SQL SERVER, Firebird, IBM, Informix, MS SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, PostgreSQL, SQLite and 4D.

Custom Search Engine Development

Need to make your web content searchable? Options include: 1/ Search by any word or exact word. 2/ Search by any given combinations. 3/ Format results returned. At WIGPIP we are experienced at building complex search queries that may contain many combinations of data. A popular function for web business is uploading documents that clients can then easily search for & download in PDF.

Newsletter System

Stay in touch with your subscribers via a custom built newsletter systems or have WIGPIP manage a recommended third party email server. Detailed reports show who has opened the newsletter and clicked links within. Collect opt-in subscribers from your website. Newsletters can be a great way to build your customer base.

Business Tools

Still using Excel to enter data? Create powerful custom built relational reporting tools to manage your client database. Generate functions for time periods with attractive layouts. Database driven charts for tracking performance, be it stock, sales or any statistics. Generate reports at the click of a button, saves months of time where previously you might have wasted many precious hours every day manually tracking spreadsheets.

Database Development

Planning you database
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