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e-commerce websites and taking payments online

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marketing your e-commerce shop front online
New In The Market

So you have built your online e-commerce store, now how to tell the world about it? This is actually the hard part. The marketing mix will depend on what you are selling. You may already have a shop front and loyal customers in which case you can advertise it through existing channels. If you are starting with a new product, it's important to optimise each page on your e-commerce website so that it gets visits when potential customers are searching on the web. Organic search engine optimisation or Pay Per Click, please ask about ideas for the best strategy for you.

Tailor the payment gateway to save money

You may be selling a small quantity of products/services at a large price or many products/services at a small price, the point being that whether it's the bank taking their percentage of the transaction or another card processor there will be a system that is best suited to your transaction needs. For example you don't want to be paying high monthly fixed costs if you have a small turnover. You also need to ask yourself do you already have a 'merchant account' with your bank. Do you want to grow your e-commerce website rapidly (more risk) or take it slowly (less risk but less revenue)?